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Temple of Turkey

The Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium is the most spectacular football stadium in Turkey, built to the highest specifications, using the latest technology and offering every fan who visits, an unrivalled match-day experience.

1. With 52'500 spectator the Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium will be the largest "football stadium" in Turkey.

2. The Sükrü Saracoglu is the largest stadium in Turkey with "all seats under cover".

3. The "Migros" and "Lise" with each 11'500 seats are the largest stands behind the goals in Turkey.

4. The corner pillars, each with a surface of some 100 metres square are the supports for the primary supporting structure for the roofing.

5. The dimensions of the steel framework are 156 metres on the longer sides by 123 metres on the shorter sides are, a four-belt carrier with a height of some twelve metres.

6. Due to their material and construction, membranes are less susceptible to vibration and therefore ideal for earthquake areas. In order to achieve optimum earthquake protection, all bearings within the construction (for the roofing) are made as elastomer bearings and are completely reversible after changes in strain. On top of this, special earthquake bearings are installed at the important points, so-called lead deformation bearings which can take deformation due to the relatively soft material as opposed to rigid bearings.

7. The 2 scoreboards are the largest and most modern ones in Turkey.

8. The Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium is the first stadium in Turkey with new digital advertising banners next to the pitch.

9. The changing rooms are the most modern and luxury in Turkey.

10. Between the upper and lower floor at the "Maraton" stand are 58 lodges.

11. At the new "Numarali" stand 75 lodges will be built.

12. Each lodge has a yearly price between 20'000 - 125'000 $.

13. Under the Maraton stand is a "Fenerium" fan shop, with a surface of 1000 metres square it is the largest sport article mall in Turkey. Also there is a cafe.

14. Under the Maraton stand is a parking garage.

15. The area under the Migros stand is rented for 8 years to the Migros mall. Fenerbahce is participated on the sales.

16. In the area under the Lise stand 4 cinemas are under construction.

17. The school area (Kenan Evren Lisesi) behind the Lise stand have been bought by Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce want to build there a shopping centre like Akmerkez on 4 floors with cafes, cinemas and conference rooms. This shopping centre will be connected by a tunnel to the stadium.

18. Also a multi-storey car park will be built on the school area.

19. At the new stands are automatic entering systems, which recognize original tickets because of the chips inside. After entering well behaved and smiling personal are welcoming the visitors and are showing them their places.

20. The fences at the Maraton stand are also automatic and can be raised or lowered if necessary.

21. A new museum has been built.

22. The Sükrü Saracolu Stadium is the first stadium in Turkey with a webcam inside.

History of "Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium":

18xx - 1908: At the end of the 19th century in Kadiköy (the asian side of Istanbul) for the first time in Turkey, people began to play football here. It was the first football ground in Turkey and was known as "Papazin Cayri". It's the origin of Turkish Football. 1899 "Black Stocks" has been founded here, the first Turkish club. 1902 it was renamed to "Kadiköy Futbol Kulübü" and 1907 the Turkish youth in Kadiköy finally founded "Fenerbahce".

1908: When football has become more interesting, the government decided to build a stand, the costs of the stadium were 3000 golds. The English football club "Union Club" has rented the stadium for 20 years (for 30 golds each year) and used it together with "Fenerbahce". The stadiums new name was "Union Club".

1915: In the First World War Union Club finished its activities and Kara Kemal took over Union Club and renamed it as "Ittihat Spor Kulübü". The stadium has been also renamed as "Ittihat Spor Sahasi".

1915 - ca.1923: All sport activities in Istanbul happened in this stadium.

1923 - 1929: There were no activities on that ground anymore, because in Istanbul had been built another stadium called "Taksim Stadium" which has been used than.

25 October 1929: Fenerbahce has rented the stadium and renamed it as the "Fenerbahce Stadium".

30 September 1931 - 13 May 1932: The stadium has been renovated.

27 May 1933: Fenerbahce has bought the stadium from the government for 9.000 TL. Fenerbahce was the first football club in Turkey with an own stadium. Sükrü Saracoglu, who was finance minister at this time in Turkey, spent great effort in parliament so that Fenerbahce can buy the stadium. He was also 16 years (1934-1950) president of Fenerbahce, a record in Fenerbahce history.

1933: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of modern Turkey, allowed Fenerbahce the great honour to place a statue of himself at the stadium. He was very interested in sports and declared himself as a Fenerbahce supporter. It was the first and only time he allowed a club to place a statue of himself at a stadium.

following years in the 1930's: The main stand have been enlarged.Two 25 meter long covered stands have been built besides the main stand.

after 1944: Fenerbahce built a new stadium with a capacity of 25'000. It was the largest stadium in Turkey. The capacity of the "Mithat Pasa Stadium" (later renamed as "Inönü Stadium") was 15'000, which was built at the same time. The capacitiy of the "19 May Stadium" in Ankara was 12'000.

1964: The stadium have been sold to the government for 25'000 TL (2'780 $). In order to the agreement the governement should build a new 40'000 men stadium for the club in 4 years.

19 September 1982: 19 years after the agreement the stadium has been rebuilt and reopened. The opening match was against Altay.

middle 1990's: After the stadium has been transformed to an all-seater the capacity was about 21'500.

1999: The stadium has been renamed as "Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium".

1999 - 2000: Fenerbahce begins to reconstruct the stadium into a real football stadium with 60'000 seats. In season 99/00 the Migros stand have been rebuilt.

2000 - 2001: Lise stand have been rebuilt.

2001 - 2002: Maraton stand have been rebuilt and covered. The capacity is now 52'000.

2002: Migros and Lise stands have been covered.

15 October 2002: Because of the Euro 2008 bid of Greece and Turkey a Uefa committee investigated the four stadiums (Atatürk-Izmir, Atatürk-Antalya, Olympic-Istanbul and Sükrü Saracoglu-Istanbul) in Turkey which are planned to be used at the tournament. The committee was very impressed by the Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium and said that they can imagine a Champions League Final in this stadium.

15 January 2003: Fenerbahce wanted to buy the stadium again. But the government wanted 21'000'000 $, Fenerbahce rejected.

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